Long strings are strings delimited by """triple quotes""" that can contain newlines and individual " characters without the need to escape them. SE-0168 Multi-Line String Literals

Multi-Line String Literal Creation

let lines = """
            This is line one
            This is line two
            This is line three

print("Multi-Line String: \(lines)")


let myString = """
                Hello Multi line string!
                This is sample of mutating string.
                End here

let startingIndex = myString.index(myString.startIndex, offsetBy: 25)
let endingIndex = myString.index(myString.startIndex, offsetBy: 60)
let range = startingIndex..<endingIndex
let substring = myString.substring(with: range)

print("Second line: \(substring)")

Inserting value

let array = ["A", "Hello", 10] as [Any]
let myString = """
                Letter \(array[0])
                \(array[1]) Word
                Number \(array[2])